About The Club


St. Edward's ABC Fellwalkers is a well established walking club that has been in existence since 1971. The archaeology embedded in our name reveals how we originated from a boxing club for the youth of a Whitley Bay based in the hall of a local Church. We are now a completely independent club with ties to neither the boxing club (which doesn't exist any more) nor the church (which does still exist). Look at our full history if you want to know more.

Being based on Tyneside we are fortunate that we have good walking country in whatever direction we want to go (except east - we haven't mastered walking on water - yet). Northumberland, Durham, Cumbria, Scotland, and both the Yorkshire Dales and Moors feature heavily on our programme and give a lot of variety to what we can offer.

We are an all-weather, all-year round walking club, with walks taking place every other Saturday. There is usually a choice of four walks, which vary in distance and height to cater for the individual walker's requirements. These will vary according to local conditions but are typically: -

  1. A 15-16 mile walk which will tend to reach the higher hills and is intended for the stronger walker.
  2. A 12-13 mile walk that will still tend to go fairly high but over a shorter distance.
  3. A 9-10 mile walk, which is similar to the 2nd walk with perhaps, less height gained.
  4. A 6-9 mile walk that is essentially low level with minimal hill walking.

The club constitution declares our aim to be:-

Through a dynamic walking programme, members are encouraged to develop a companionship with fellow members and through this a deeper mutual enjoyment of the open fells.

To achieve this aim, members help fellow members to participate fully in the understanding, use and relationship of maps and compass to the ground, in heightening an awareness of personal and group safety and in developing the potential leadership skills latent in us all

Got a strong pair of boots, waterproofs and a rucksack? Then join us.

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