Walk Organization

Choice Of Walk

  • It is the responsibility of the walk organiser for a particular day that a variety of walks are offered, in terms of distance, severity and the time available. These will include a ramble of 6 to 9 miles. These will vary according to local conditions but are typically: -
    1. A 15-16 mile walk which will tend to reach the higher hills and is intended for the stronger walker.
    2. A 12-13 mile walk that will still tend to go fairly high but over a shorter distance.
    3. A 9-10 mile walk, which is similar to the 2nd walk with perhaps, less height gained.
    4. A 6-9 mile walk that is essentially low level with minimal hill walking.
  • A brief written description and map showing the walks and grading will be available on the bus prior to the walk to aid members walk selection.
  • When selecting a walk care should be taken to consider not only the distance but also ascents/decents to be made, the prevailing conditions and the time available.
  • The walk organizer and other members will always be willing to try to answer any questions about the walk.
  • A new member's first walk with the Club will be restricted to one of the less strenuous walks
  • If necessary, walkers will be vetted on their ability, physically, to tackle a given walk with a given group IN THE AVAILABLE TIME AND IN THE PREVAILING CONDITIONS.
  • The appointed walk leader for the day will head the list going round the bus for each walk so that everybody knows who the walk leader is as they select the walk they would prefer to tackle.
  • If a walk fails to attract a minimum of 5 members it will only take place at the discretion of a competent Club official. This is a safety precaution. It is sometimes necessary to ask people to join a different walk to the one they selected in order that the minimum number is attained.

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