Emergency Planning

Unfortunately accidents do happen and so need to planned for in terms of equipment and procedures.

Club Equipment
  • The club has 4 GPS's and one should be carried on each walk so that locations can be accurately fixed.
  • The club has four KSU's (Karrimor Survival Units) and each walk will carry one for emergency use, as well as to familiarise members in their use.
  • There are 4 (?) sets of Club Cas-straps available and at least 12 other sets that are the personal property of members.
Composition of a Group:
  • For group control and safety on the fells, a maximum of 15 walkers in a group is recommended - subject to the discretion of the group leader. The party may be split to achieve this recommendation, the main leader appointing a secondary leader and "sweeper".
  • Again for safety on the fells a group minimum of 5 is recommended. Such small groups MUST include at least two persons who are competent with map and compass and the group is carrying the maps for the walk and compasses.
Member Information
  • All members will be asked to provide the Club with an emergency contact name and phone number.
  • Members WILL carry their Membership Card with them on all walks. Members are requested to supplement the information given on their Membership Card by including:-
    • Date of Birth
    • Ailments and/or allergies
    • Disabilities
    • Any long term medical treatment(s)
    • Blood Group
    • Home phone number
    • Name and phone number of an emergency contact.
    Possession of such a completed Membership Card will speed up any emergency treatment given by Members of the group or by a Fell Rescue Team in case your accident renders you unconscious, in addition to enabling speedy contact to be made with your emergency contact.
The Coach

The coach is always there at the end of the walk and so is the focal point when things go wrong

  • An Alphabetical register of names and addresses of all Club Members WILL remain on the coach.
  • Duplicate lists of the composition of each walking group on the day WILL remain on the coach.
  • A copy of the route maps WILL remain on the coach.
  • A list of the mobile phone numbers for members WILL remain on the coach.

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